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PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn

Project Location: The project site is located at 1920 Squaw Valley Road, north of Squaw Peak Road, at the western end of Olympic Valley in Olympic Village, Placer County, California. The site is identified as Assessor’s Parcel Number 096-020-023.

Project Description: The project consists of the demolition of the existing 61-room PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn, constructed in 1959, located adjacent to the Squaw Valley Ski and Recreation Area, and the construction of the following primary components: 1) a two- and five-story hotel, containing 60 hotel key rooms and 6 residential units; 2) a three-story residential condominium building, containing 12 units; 3) a four-story residential condominium building, containing 16 units; and 4) an underground parking structure, containing 135 parking spaces.

Final Environmental Impact Report (released 02/03/17)

Notice of Availability

Draft Environmental Impact Report (public review 09/20/16 to 11/04/16)

Notice of Availability 


  • Volume II Cover
  • Appendix D - Biological Resources Study
  • Appendix E  -PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn Tree Survey
  • Appendix F - Heritage Resource Inventory Update Letter Report
  • Appendix G - Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Study, Technical Memorandum, and Off-site Mitigation Fee Calculation Spreadsheet
  • Appendix H - Geotechnical Engineering Report
  • Appendix I - Geotechnical Engineering Report Supplement No. 1
  • Appendix J - Geotechnical Engineering Report Supplement No. 2
  • Appendix K - PlumpJack Fault Evaluation Report
  • Appendix L - Preliminary Fault Evaluation Report Supplemental No. 1
  • Appendix M - Geotechnical Engineering Peer Review
  • Appendix N - Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
  • Appendix O - Phase I ESA Report Supplement No. 1
  • Appendix P - Phase I ESA Report Peer Review
  • Appendix Q - Regional Water Quality Control Board "No Further Action Required" Letter
  • Appendix R - Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Plan
  • Appendix S - Preliminary Drainage Report for PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn
  • Appendix T - Hydrogeologic and Groundwater Management Report Supplement No. 2
  • Appendix U - PlumpJack Dewatering Plan Review
  • Appendix V - Proposed PlumpJack Well Impact Evaluation
  • Appendix W - Hydrogeologic Peer Review of New and Revised Analyses of the Proposed PlumpJack Hotel, Squaw Valley, California
  • Appendix X - PlumpJack Inn Demolition and Construction Noise Analysis
  • Appendix Y - Peer Review of the PlumpJack Inn Demolition and Construction Noise Analysis
  • Appendix Z - Transportation and Circulation Analysis – Supporting Technical Calculations


Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (public review 6/5/15 to 7/6/15)

Notice of Preparation 

Initial Study Checklist