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Permit Research

There are four ways to conduct permit research for landuse-based permits in the unincorporated areas of Placer County:

  1. Citizen Access portal
  2. Electronic Document Search
  3. Building Permit Research Request Form
  4. Online Public Records Request

The "Citizen Access" website has a search mode for Building, Planning, Engineering, Sewer, Public Works, and Tahoe permitting and Land Capability Verifications. You can view active and historic permit details, but not view the actual application.

NOTE: In the "Start Date" field, you'll see more results if you change the date to 01/01/1900, unless you know the specific year the permit was filed.

The Electronic Document Search website provides public access to Building, Planning, Environmental Health, and Clerk of the Board (of Supervisors) documents that have been scanned into the system. Additional permits are being added as time permits. You can sort and filter the provided search results by clicking on the down arrow next to the column heading.
Building and Planning Electronic Document Search
Environmental Health Electronic Document Search
Clerk of the Board Electronic Document Search

Viewing options:

  • Click on the "Download Document as PDF" link below the "Document Information" table, or
  • Click on the "View" icon next to the PDF documents to see that record, "View File" to open the document, and then choose "File" in the menu bar to save or print the file.

GIS and Zoning Information - Provides mapping information on zoning and land use designations for a parcel.

Building Permits Research Request Form  - Request research on building permits in unincorporated Placer County

NextRequest – Online Public Records Request System - Online system for submitting a Public Records Request to Community Development.