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Auburn Bowman Community Plan

The Board of Supervisors approved the Auburn/Bowman Community Plan in 1994 and updated it in 1999. While the full text of the Plan is provided below, these documents do not contain some of the large maps available in the printed version. Hard copies of the Plan are available at the Planning Division, located in the Community Development Resource Center at 3091 County Center Drive, Auburn.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Plan

General Community Goals and Planning Principles

Community Development Elements, A through E

Community Development Element F, Noise

Environmental Resources Management Element

Traffic Circulation Element


Figure 1 - Plan Area Map

Figure 2 - Bell Road Property

Figure 3 - DeWitt Property

Figure 4 - Alternative DeWitt Property

Figure 5 - Bowman Area

Figure 6 - Wastewater Service Areas

Figure 7 - Sewer Service Areas

Figure 8 - Water Service Areas

Figure 9 - Fire Protection Area

Figure 10 - Conceptual Proposed Park Sites

Figure 11 - Schematic Trails

Figure 12 - Noise Contours

Figure 13 - Constraints Map

Figure 14 - Watersheds

Figure 15 - State Route 49 Bypass

Figure 16 - Land Use Map

Background Report

    Appendix A - Economic and Fiscal Analysis

    Appendix B - Public Services and Public Facilities Study

    Appendix C - Environmental Noise Analysis

    Appendix D - Hydrology Study

Final Environmental Impact Report