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Pending and Approved Programs

Housing Element Program B-14: Publicize Foreclosure Assistance Programs

Existing toll-free foreclosure assistance hotlines, foreclosure counseling, foreclosure prevention programs, and other resources are available to residents facing possible foreclosures.

Status: Complete
County Staff: Christopher Schmidt, Senior Planner (530) 745-3076

Housing Element Program G-2 and Program G-3: Zoning Text Amendments

Placer County has updated the Zoning Ordinance to bring the Code into compliance with State housing law for emergency shelters, transitional housing, and supportive housing. The approved amendments will establish definitions for Emergency Shelters, Transitional Housing, and Supportive Housing as well as identify appropriate zoning districts where these uses will be allowed.

Status: Complete
County Staff:  Christopher Schmidt, Senior Planner (530) 745-3076
Document:  Emergency Shelter Ordinance

Housing Element Program G-4: Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Units

The County has amended the Zoning Ordinance to define Single Room Occupancy (SRO) units and explicitly allow SROs as a residential use in certain zones. These zones include the Multi-Family Residential (RM), Highway Service (HS), Neighborhood Commercial (C1), General Commercial (C2), Commercial Planned Development (CPD), and Resort (RES) zoning districts.

Status:  Complete
County Staff:  Catherine Donovan, Housing Specialist (530) 745-3170
Document: Single Room Occupancy Ordinance

Housing Element Program F-4: Zoning for Farm Worker Housing

The County has amended the Zoning Ordinance to ensure that permit processing procedures for farm worker housing do not conflict with Health and Safety Code Section 17021.6 which states that “Any employee housing consisting of no more than 36 beds in a group quarters or 12 units or spaces designed for use by a single family or household shall be deemed an agricultural land use designation for the purposes of this section. For the purpose of all local ordinances, employee housing shall not be deemed a use that implies that the employee housing is an activity that differs in any other way from an agricultural use. No conditional use permit, zoning variance, or other zoning clearance shall be required of this employee housing that is not required of any other agricultural activity in the same zone.” The County shall also ensure that such procedures encourage and facilitate the development of housing for farm workers.

Status:  Complete
County Staff:  Christopher Schmidt, Senior Planner (530) 745-3076
Documents:  Farm Worker Housing Ordinance, Attachment 'A'