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Martis Valley West Parcel Project

Final EIR 

Draft EIR - public review and comment period ends December 22, 2015

2016 Revised Draft Specific Plan

Frequently Asked Questions (provided by CEQA consultant, Ascent)

Project Description

The Martis Valley West Parcel Specific Plan (MVWPSP) proposes residential and commercial uses on a portion of the West Parcel, and would permanently preserve the East Parcel as open space. The project proposes the transfer of 760 units and 6.6 acres of commercial from the designated development of 1,360 units and 6.6 acres of commercial on the East Parcel (under the existing Martis Valley Community Plan) to the West Parcel. A portion of the West Parcel (662 acres) would be rezoned from Timberland Production (TPZ) to Residential, allowing for the development of residential units and associated commercial, homeowner amenities, and small community retail uses. The remaining 390 acres on the West Parcel would remain designated Forest and would be zoned TPZ. The MVWPSP provides a comprehensive set of goals and policies, project objectives and implementation measures to guide the development of the West Parcel, and establishes Development Standards for parcel layout, buildings, and facilities, as well as Design Guidelines for architecture, landscaping, and other project elements.

A component of the MVWPSP is the conservation of the 6,376-acre East Parcel. The MVWPSP proposes the permanent retirement of 600 allowable units and redesignation of the 670 acres of the East Parcel currently zoned for development to Forest. The mechanism for preserving the East Parcel would consist of either (1) sale of the East Parcel to a land trust or similar organization, or (2) recordation of a conservation easement restricting use of the East Parcel.

2016 Draft Specific Plan

2015 Draft EIR - public review ends December 22, 2015

Planning Commission Public Comments Transcript - November 19, 2015

Revised Notice of Preparation - March 30, 2015

Revised Initial Study - March 2, 2015

Martis Valley Community Plan Environmental Impact Reports from 2003

Presentations: September 23rd (Town of Truckee) and September 10th (LAFCO)

Staff Planner:  Stacy Wydra, 530-581-6288,