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Sunset Area Plan and Placer Ranch Specific Plan



    Placer County is moving forward with the Sunset Area Plan (SAP), which also incorporates the proposed Placer Ranch Specific Plan (PRSP). This area plan would replace the 1997 Sunset Industrial Area (SIA) Plan.

    The objective of the Sunset Area Plan update is to re-envision and re-brand the SAP to take advantage of opportunities to create a unique employment, entertainment, and education center that would provide regional benefit and create primary wage-earner jobs for residents of nearby cities and unincorporated areas. The overall vision for the SAP and PRSP includes the following features:

    • A higher density mix of labor- and employment-intensive uses with an emphasis on innovation and creativity;
    • A university site, with the property owner of the Placer Ranch Specific Plan site intending to donate approximately 300 acres to California State University, Sacramento (Sac State);
    • A town center modeled after a traditional downtown that is walkable and bike-friendly;
    • A diversity of housing types to help accommodate the region’s forecasted population growth; and
    • Plan Area-wide infrastructure improvements.

    The Sunset Area encompasses 8,497 acres located in unincorporated south Placer County west of the Highway 65 corridor, situated between the Cities of Lincoln to the north, Rocklin to the east, and Roseville to the south. The proposed PRSP area constitutes 2,213 acres within the southern portion of the SAP area.

    Updated Documents

    This effort consists of updates to the existing SIA plan, the Placer County General Plan, maps, and regulations. As part of this process, the County is preparing a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to analyze potential environmental impacts from the project. A Notice of Preparation (4.62 MB) for the EIR was posted on November 14, 2016.  Preparation of the EIR is currently underway.

    Prior to release of the Draft EIR, a Preliminary Public Review Draft Sunset Area Plan and Placer Ranch Specific Plan are available for a 30-day public review, and are available for download below.

    Sunset Area Plan Preliminary Public Review Draft Part 1 (14.8 MB)

    Sunset Area Plan Preliminary Public Review Draft Part 2 (8.54 MB)

    Sunset Area Plan Preliminary Public Review Draft Part 3 (11.3 MB)

    Sunset Area Plan Preliminary Public Review Draft Part 4 (7.66 MB)

    Placer Ranch Specific Plan Preliminary Public Review Draft (16.3 MB)

    Sunset Area Plan Appendices, including the Corridor Design Standards and Guidelines, the Capital Improvement Plan, and the Infrastructure Finance Strategy, will be uploaded with the next Sunset Area Plan Public Draft documents.

    Additionally, several studies and reports have been written to help inform proposed policy and the EIR, and are available for review:

    Next Steps

    A Planning Commission Workshop, open to the public, is scheduled for February 22, 2018 to provide an overview and update on the SAP and PRSP.  An agenda for the Planning Commission meeting, which will include the timing of the workshop will be posted here on February 15, 2018.

    The Draft EIR is expected to be released in Spring 2018 for public review and comment. The County anticipates the Final Sunset Area Plan, the Final Placer Ranch Specific Plan, and the Final EIR to be released and considered in Planning Commission and Board of Supervisor hearings and deliberations by the end of 2018.

    Contact Us

    • Crystal Jacobsen, Project Manager: 530-745-3085,
    • Emily Setzer, Associate Planner: 530-745-3067, 
    • Mailing Address: Placer County Planning Services Division, 3091 County Center Drive, Auburn, CA 95603
    • Plan Update Mailing List: To be included on the Plan Update Mailing List, contact Sue Colbert