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Zoning Definitions

If you'd like to see the full "Zone Districts and Allowable Uses of Land" section for each of the zone districts below, highlight, then copy (Ctrl+C) the section number, then click on the above link to the "Placer County Zoning Ordinance." In the heading for the Placer County Code, click on "Search" and paste (Ctrl+V) in the section number you'd like to review. Click that link to the section.

District District Definition Category of Permitted Uses Section


Agricultural Exclusive

Agricultural operations 17.08.010



Land uses that are compatible with, support and enhance airport sites 17.36.010


Business Park

Light industrial, office and commercial, manufacturing and processing uses, services uses 17.38.010


Neighborhood Commercial

Small-scale, day-to-day convenience shopping and services for residents of the immediate neighborhood 17.30.010


General Commercial

Retail, personal service, entertainment, office and related commercial uses 17.22.010


Heavy Commercial

Intensive service commercial uses (non-retail), limited retail and office uses 17.24.010


Commercial Planned Development

Mixed-use community shopping centers, office parks, and other similar developments 17.20.010



Agricultural and residential uses 17.10.010



Growing and harvesting of forest products, public and commercial recreational uses 17.12.010


Highway Service

Commercial uses and services oriented toward the traveling public 17.26.010



Manufacturing, assembly, wholesale distribution, and storage 17.40.010


Industrial Park

Light industrial, manufacturing, assembly, research and development, limited commercial and office uses 17.42.010


Open Space

Low intensity agricultural and public recreational uses, protect open space 17.14.010


Office and Professional

Professional and administrative offices and personal services rather than retail trade 17.32.010



Single-family residential and agricultural type uses, service uses, roadside stands for ag products 17.44.010



Agricultural, residential, recreational, retail and service uses 17.34.010



Single-family residential and agricultural/forestry-type uses; recreational, public uses; and service uses 17.46.010



Single-family, multi-family uses, recreational and education uses, and service uses 17.48.010


Residential-Single Family

Single-family, multi-family uses, recreational and education uses, and service uses 17.48.010
SPL Specific Plan District All land uses permitted within this district shall be subject to the development standards and other regulations required by the specific plan 17.51.010


Timberland Production

Growing and harvesting of timber. Land use restricted for minimum of 10 years 17.16.010


Water Influence

Water-oriented, public and private recreational and commercial uses and facilities 17.18.010

Combining Districts (used in combination with the base zone district to address special needs or characteristics of the areas of Placer County to which they are applied, including but not limited to potential hazards and/or land use conflicts created by aircraft overflight, flooding, unique community character or visual quality). In the event of any conflict between these combining district regulations and the base zone district regulations, the combining district regulations shall control.

District District Definition Category of Permitted Uses Section

combining Agriculture

Provides for agricultural-type uses in addition to the base zone district with which this -AG district is combined 17.52.020


combining Airport Overflight

Land uses that are compatible with, support and enhance airport sites 17.52.030


minimum building site size (parcel size)

Provides for different parcel sizes than would otherwise be required by an applicable zone district. Can also designate special setbacks. 17.52.040


combining Design Scenic Corridor

Provides special regulations to protect and enhance the aesthetic character of lands and buildings within public view 17.52.070


combining Design Historic

Provides special regulations to protect historic buildings and areas that have unique aesthetic characteristics 17.52.070


combining Density Limitation

Provides special minimum lot size and density standards where residential development may occur 17.52.060


combining Development Reserve

Provide for the future development of limited residential, commercial or industrial uses in areas that are identified by the general or community plan for such uses, but which may not be prepared at the time the district is adopted to accommodate the planned levels of full development until additional infrastructure or resources have been provided 17.52.080


combining Design Sierra

Provides special regulations to protect and enhance the aesthetic character of lands and buildings within public view 17.52.070


combining Flood Hazard

Identifies areas where hazards to life or property exist because of the potential for a 100-year flood. 17.52.090


combining Geological Hazard

Identifies areas where geological and soil conditions may present hazards to life or property from potential earthquakes, landslides, avalanches or soil liquefaction. 17.52.100


combining Mineral Reserve

Identifies lands that may contain valuable mineral resources, and protect the opportunity for the extraction and use of such resources from other incompatible land uses. 17.52.110


combining Planned Residential Development

Identifies areas where development can occur within the context of a planned development and where a residential density for the planned development must be determined by the County 17.52.120


combining Special Purpose

Identify specific areas in the vicinity of mineral extraction operations, airports, sewage treatment plants, waste disposal facilities, and require a discretionary review of the proposed use 17.52.130


combining Use Permit

Identify sensitive areas of the County where any proposed use or development will raise significant land use policy issues and or community concerns and therefore should be reviewed at a public level 17.52.050