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Certified Farmers' Markets

Certified Farmers' Markets (CFMs) are locations certified by the Placer County Agricultural Commissioner where local farmers can sell their value added product to the public.

CFMs are required to have a valid Health Permit to operate and vendors may only sell agricultural products. No food preparation is permitted on-site with the exception of samples, provided that sample distribution adheres to specific sampling guidelines.

Please see PlacerGROWN for more information on locations and times. 

There are three Farmers' Market Associations in Placer County:

If you are interested in opening a booth at a farmers' market, please contact the appropriate CFM Association.

To start your own CFM, please read the FAQ below.


Denio's is technically NOT A CFM, and as such, is not enforced under the same regulations.

Vendors selling only produce, farm eggs, or farm honey (certified and non-certifiable agricultural products as defined in the CCDEH Farmers Market requirements) fall under Denio’s produce stand permit and are not required to obtain their own permit.

Vendors selling any other foods will need their own individual permit from Placer County Environmental Health.

There are generally two types of permitted facilities which may operate at Denio's
1. Pre-packaged food only. (Sale of sauces, candy, canned goods, baked goods, and seasoned nuts)
2. Restaurant (Food Preparation, No packaged items for sale)

PLEASE NOTE: If interested in selling any food items other than produce, farm eggs, or farm honey, contact Denio's for their permission to operate, prior to submitting a Food Facility Permit Application to Environmental Health.

After ensuring space availability and obtaining product approval from Denio's, submit an application to Environmental Health with the following items attached:

Pre-packaged foods must be prepared and packaged in a State licensed facility or by a properly permitted Cottage Food Operator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Certified Farmers' Market (CFM) need a health permit?

Yes. CFMs are defined in The California Code (Cal Code) as a food facility and therefore are required to have a valid health permit, including those CFMs where only certified agricultural products are sold.

Do I need a separate Event Coordinator permit to have temporary food facilities adjacent to my CFM?

Yes. Cal Code requires temporary food facilities to be organized and controlled by an event coordinator and also requires a separate health permit for the event coordinator. Please see our Community Events page for requirements.

What products can be sold at a CFM?

Only agricultural products (certified and non-certifiable) may be sold within a CFM. Please see the link to CCDEH or Placer County Agricultural Commissioner for the definitions of certified vs. non-certified.

Examples of each are:
Certified: fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, shell eggs, honey, flowers, and nursery stock.
Non-Certified: Processed products from certified agricultural products such as fruit and vegetable juices, shelled nuts, jams and jellies, and wine. Other examples include catfish, trout, and oysters from controlled aquaculture operations, livestock and livestock products, and poultry and poultry products.

What steps must I take to put on a CFM?

Please follow these two steps to put on a CFM:

  • Contact The Agricultural Commissioner & Sealer of Weights and Measures. Comply with all of their requirements and regulations.
  • Contact this office and speak to your District Specialist. The Environmental Health Department is the local health agency that will perform routine inspection on your market. Fill out and submit back our CFM Application along with appropriate fees. Each market location will be charged a one time fee for the entire season. The CFM application will ask for market dates, times, all participating farmers (both certified and non-certified), and market coordinator name and contact information.

    * If a temporary food facility event is to operate adjacent to the CFM, the event MUST apply for it’s own, separate permit to operate. Please see Temporary Events page for requirements. Fees for temporary events are based on the number of food vendors participating in the event.

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