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Groundwater Monitoring Wells and Exploratory Soil Borings

The Environmental Health Division, Hazardous Materials and Solid Waste Section issues permits for monitoring wells, cathodic protection wells, and exploratory soil borings for all areas of Placer County with the exception of the City of Roseville. The City of Roseville has separate permitting requirements and must be contacted if the wells or borings are to be drilled within city limits.

Monitoring wells and/or soil borings at recognized closed and active solid waste facilities should contact the Local Enforcement Agency. 

What is the cost for monitoring well installation/destruction permits?

The monitoring well installation/destruction fee is required for each well.

When is an exploratory soil boring permit needed?

If the soil boring will be advanced within 10 feet of groundwater or greater than 10 feet below ground surface.

What is the cost for exploratory soil borings?

The soil boring fee is required for the first two soil borings per parcel.

Do shallow soil vapor sampling wells (e.g. typically 5 feet deep) require a well permit?

Yes, however, the fee is only required for the first two shallow soil vapor sampling wells per parcel (similar to the soil boring fee).

What well destruction procedures are acceptable methods for Placer County requirements?

Overdrilling and pressure grouting are acceptable well destruction methods in accordance with Department of Water Resources (DWR) well standards (Bulletin 74-81 and 74-90). If pressure grouting is performed, overdrilling of the top 5 feet is required in most circumstances. Sparge wells constructed using a micro-porous point are not suitable for pressure grouting and are required to be overdrilled.

Applying for a Well Permit

For monitoring well construction/destruction, cathodic protection wells and exploratory borings, submit a completed monitoring well permit application along with the current fee. (PE Code for monitoring well installation/soil boring is 0945.  Monitoring well destruction is 0946). 

State of California Links 

Proper groundwater and cathodic well design standards can be found in the California Department of Water Resources California Well Standards Bulletin 74-90.