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Underground Storage Tanks (UST)

Environmental Health conducts Underground Storage Tank (UST) permitting, construction plan checks, inspections, and tank closure activities.

UST repairs, modifications and upgrades are classified into two categories: 

  1. Work requiring a permit
  2. No permit required.

These categories are determined by the scope of work and the need for a site inspection.  For assistance in determining the classification of repairs to be made to your UST system please refer to the UST Installation Modification Repair Guide or contact us.

UST Work Requiring a Permit 

Prior to beginning work, you must submit a UST Permit Application.  Environmental Health will perform a technical review of the proposal, which includes:

  • Review of equipment to be used
  • Review of contractor information 
  • At minimum, one site inspection. 
  • Potential soil and/or ground water sampling. 

If the proposed work is approved, a UST Installation, Modification or Repair letter will be issued by Environmental Health to both the UST owner and the contractor. It will list site-specific construction and inspection requirements. Work may begin upon receipt of the approval letter.

Please note: No UST construction activities can proceed until you receive the approval letter from Environmental Health.

Please visit our Permits, Forms, and Fees page for UST Facility permitting, Certificate of Compliance, Monitoring Plans, Response Plans and applicable fees.

UST Closure Guidelines

State of California Links

State Water Resources Control Board - UST Program


UST Laws - Health & Safety Code, Division 20, Chapter 6.75

UST Regulations - California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 23, Division 3, Chapter 16

Management of Tanks - Information on Tank Closure requirements; CCR Title 22, Division 4.5, Chapter 32