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Placer County Government Center Master Plan Update

Create a balanced campus which positions the Placer County Government Center to more efficiently provide services to the community, to provide a vital and compelling work environment, and to support the area’s economic vitality.

The Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan (CFMP) has driven planning policy at the Placer County Government Center (PCGC) since its inception in 1993.  The plan delineated County and private land use areas across the 200-acre campus, providing direction for PCGC capital improvements since that time.

The CFMP also documented transitioning from County utilization of the WWII-era DeWitt General Hospital buildings to new, efficient structures that house County functions. The Finance and Administration Building, Community Development Resource Center, Auburn Justice Center, Juvenile Detention Center, additions to the Main Jail, and the new Animal Services Center are all buildings that will have been constructed in the last twenty-five years and have replaced many of the original hospital wings or antiquated support structures. Additionally, the Home Depot project, located at the PCGC, was developed as a direct result of the CFMP.

These contemporary buildings, having followed the CFMP and built to last for many years to come, have established a strong framework and foundation for future PCGC campus development.  The CFMP has surpassed its intended planning horizon (2011) and is in need of an update.

To fulfill this need, and building on the planning delineated in the CFMP, the PCGC Master Plan Update will establish a long-term vision and ongoing facilities planning guide, which the County intends to employ for capital improvement projects at the PCGC campus with a 20-year planning horizon.

PCGC Master Plan Update - Project Scope

The proposed Placer County Government Center (PCGC) Master Plan Update includes a campus vision, development context and guiding principles, site and facilities assessment, facility utilization study, transportation and circulation planning, infrastructure and utilities planning, landscape and open space planning, an economic development study, site and facilities planning, zero net energy and water planning, a phasing and implementation plan, and a program level Environmental Impact Report (EIR) with project level reviews for a potential new Health and Human Services building and a Multifamily/Workforce Housing facility.  Collectively, these planning components provide a guide to implementing campus projects over time.

In addition to the primary focus of future development of Placer County facility functions and supporting infrastructure at the government center, the PCGC Master Plan Update evaluates the County’s Fulweiler Avenue services for a potential future relocation to the PCGC.  This consolidation of services concept was integral to the CFMP and is included as part of the proposed master plan project.

Another significant planning element is the determination of potential private development areas at the campus.  Departmental assessments and facility utilization studies have yielded anticipated County site and building needs into the future.  With this County need projected, potential residential, commercial, and mixed-use development areas are now identified in the proposed campus plan.

The Draft PCGC Master Plan Update also evaluates the original DeWitt General Hospital buildings at the government center.  A thorough assessment of all existing buildings, development of County facility space needs into the future and an updated Cultural Resource analysis have helped to inform the proposed campus plan direction.

NEW Draft PCGC Master Plan Update

Community Workshop Presentation Materials

Community Workshop #3 January 31, 2017

Community Workshop #2 August 24, 2016

Community Workshop #1 March 9, 2016

Campus Imagery

Master Plan Update Information


Master Plan Update Process

The PCGC Master Plan Update planning process has been structured to assess conditions, develop guiding principles, obtain community feedback and develop planning direction and associated detail around a recommended campus plan.  This proposed campus plan was presented to the public, county employees, various government center stakeholders, interested organizations, and the Board of Supervisors.  At each of the presentations, the master planning team received feedback that was then used to inform the proposed campus plan.
With a draft campus plan taking shape, the project has moved into the environmental review portion of the planning process, analyzing the many different layers of potential impacts as the project is implemented, including for a project level review of a potential new Health and Human Services building and a Multifamily/Workforce Housing facility.  The Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is now released which provides the public and various stakeholder agencies the opportunity to provide feedback on the environmental aspects of the master plan project.  A meeting for the Draft EIR will be held at the Planning Commission on December 13.
As the EIR process progresses, additional planning detail will be developed, informing the Final EIR and Master Plan Update documentation.  The Draft PCGC Master Plan Update and Final EIR is expected to be considered by the Board of Supervisors in the spring of 2019.



For more information and to sign-up to receive announcements on the Placer County Government Center Master Plan Update, please contact Paul Breckenridge, Senior Architect, DPWF/Capital Improvements at or 530-889-6892.