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Construction Projects


Eastern Regional Landfill Lift Station

Reroute leachate flows from lift station and install inline flow meters for leachate and lift station.  Current estimated cost is $200,000.  Work will take place in the summer and spring of 2018.


Loomis Landfill Groundwater Diversion Trench

Install a cutoff/diversion trench in the shallow groundwater table up-gradient of the landfill waste fill area and divert to surface away from waste mass to mitigate impacts to groundwater.  Work will include installation of 1,850 linear feet of 10-foot to 20-foot deep trench, with cut off liner, perforated pipe and drain rock.

Meadow Vista Landfill Gas System Upgrade

Evaluate the existing landfill gas (LFG) collection system and design upgrades to allow 24 hour/seven day operation to minimize migration of LFG and associated volatile organic compound impacts to shallow groundwater.


Eastern Regional Materials Recovery Facility Upgrade

The Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) was opened in 1995 to facilitate the closure of the adjacent Eastern Regional Sanitary Landfill, which had been in operation since 1973, and provides recycling services to the businesses and residents in the Tahoe/Truckee region.  Mixed waste is sorted through and recyclable materials are diverted from the waste stream, while residual material is landfilled.  The upgrades included installing metering equipment at the beginning of the sorting line to help control the volume of waste loaded onto the conveyor belt, a new sorting screen that spreads the waste out for better visibility, and four new sorting stations to increase the opportunity for workers to pull more recyclables off the sorting line.  The $1.2 million project was completed in October 2015.

Foresthill Transfer Station Improvements Project

The public tipping area at the Foresthill Transfer Station (FHTS) was constructed in 1984 and provides solid waste disposal services to approximately 6,000 Placer County residents in the Foresthill area. The public tipping area consists of four bays for tipping mixed solid waste, two bays for tipping green waste, and other bins for electronic waste, appliances, metal, and tire disposal. Recently completed improvements included new paving, retaining wall, fencing, drainage facilities, and relocation of the attendant booth. Improvements have increased the public turn around area to relieve traffic congestion and improved the quality of storm water discharged from the FHTS.

Meadow Vista Transfer Station Improvements Project

The public tipping area at the Meadow Vista Transfer Station (MVTS) was constructed in 1984 and provides solid waste disposal services to Meadow Vista residents and surrounding communities. The public tipping area consists of five bays for tipping mixed garbage, construction debris, and green waste, with additional bins for electronic waste, batteries, appliances, metals, and tires. Recently completed improvements included an extension of the existing retaining wall to expand the turnaround area order to improve traffic circulation. The project also provided new fencing, two new concrete pads for additional bins, and new asphalt paving over areas of existing asphalt and gravel base.