Stewart Community Hall, Sheridan


  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Chairs and Tables
  • Playground
  • Stage
  • Hall Capacity - 300


6005 Camp Far West Road, Sheridan, CA 95681

Fees and Use

  • Application Fee: $5 per reservation
  • Security Deposit: $250 or amount may be determined upon event– contact Parks for more information
  • Community Benefit No Charge
  • Non-Profit Benefit $35.00 per day
  • Private Party (Sheridan Resident) $150.00 per day
  • Private Party (Non-Sheridan Resident) $350.00 per day
  • Commercial Use $400.00 per day


300 People

Reservation Information

In addition to Park Facility Reservation Procedures and Use Policies the following pertains specifically to the Stewart Community Hall.

A. Daily Use

The dates requested for the reservation shall cover each day Applicant wishes to have access for setting up or for cleaning. For example, if the applicant wishes to set up one day prior to the event they will pay for the day prior and the day of the event. If the applicant wishes to postpone cleaning the Hall until the day after the event they will pay for the day of and the day after the event.

Applicant shall not enter the Stewart Community Hall on any day except the date(s) for which he/she has a confirmed reservation.

B. Amplified Sound

Amplified sound (if permitted) shall end no later than 10:30 PM.

C. Decorations

Decorations may be affixed to the walls with masking tape; however, they are not to be stapled or nailed to the walls.

D. No Smoking

The No Smoking Ordinance shall apply to Stewart Hall. A copy of this Ordinance is posted inside the hall.

E. Rules

  • You must be at least 21 years old to make a reservation at Stewart Hall.
  • A key to the Hall will be issued after the completed Application has been approved, Confirmation Use Permit received, and the walk through with our County Representative has occurred.
  • The key shall be returned after all cleaning is complete and another walk through with our County Representative, within 24 hours after the event or before the next event if less than 24 hours.
  • Doors/Exits shall not be blocked at any time. In compliance with Ordinance 3630 the Hall doors are to remain closed during the event to help keep noise at an acceptable level.

F. Hall Cleaning

For same day reservations, cleaning the Hall shall take place directly following the event. Please allow sufficient time to complete the task by 11:00 PM.

Please follow the guidelines below when cleaning the Hall:

  1. All floors must be left clean – change water frequently; rinse mops often or the floors will streak;
  2. All restrooms must be left clean and in an orderly manner;
  3. All tables and chairs shall be returned to original location;
  4. All decorations are to be removed, including removal of tape;
  5. Trashcan liners must be kept in trashcans at all times and all garbage must be put in the dumpster at the side of the hall;
  6. If the kitchen area is used, it shall be left clean and all utensils shall be washed and put away;
  7. Inventory equipment before and after use.

G. Exiting the Hall

When leaving the building, users shall be sure that:

1. All doors and windows are secured;

2. All lights are turned off;

3. The thermostat is turned off;

4. Coolers are turned off.

The Premises Must Be Vacated By 11:00 pm.