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Real Estate Services Division

The Real Estate Services Division leases and manages county-owned properties and finds, leases, sells and purchases real estate to support County operations and development. We also acquire property rights to support the Placer Legacy and Placer County Conservation programs. This division consists of eight staff with specialized expertise to accomplish this variety of real property-related projects and serve as a one-stop resource for County-owned property information.

Private Property Leasing

The Real Estate Services Division leases privately-owned facilities for County functions in support of County goals and programs when county operations cannot be accommodated in existing County-owned facilities.

Property Acquisition

The Real Estate Services Division purchases properties for the use of County programs and services. The division also acquires property for the Placer Legacy and Placer Conservation Programs.

Property Disposition

The Real Estate Services Division is responsible for selling real property the County determines is no longer needed for public use. 

Sabre City Properties

Two properties are offered for sale that the County has determined are no longer needed for public use. The properties are located in the Sabre City neighborhood of Roseville, California. Pursuant to Government Code Section 54222, the County will first offer the properties to other government entities and certified housing sponsors. At the conclusion of the statutorily required sixty day time period to accept offers, and provided no offers are received, the County will offer the properties for sale through a public bid process and place the Material Terms of Auction on this site for bidder review prior to auction.

Vandenberg Circle:

Hap Arnold Loop:

Placer County Government Center Management

The Real Estate Services Division manages and leases property in the Placer County Government Center (formerly known as the DeWitt Center). These activities generate revenue to support the maintenance of the Government Center campus.

County Property Management

The Real Estate Services Division manages County-owned property throughout Placer County. This includes:

  • Agreements for rights of entry, encroachments, and easements
  • Responding to inquiries about County-owned property
  • Leasing County-owned property
  • The sale of property no longer needed for County purposes

Current Assessments and Solicitations

For inquiries about County-owned property or leasing opportunities, please contact the Real Estate Services Division at 530-886-4960 or