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In compliance with State Community Care Licensing requirements, Placer County Fire conducts inspections on all Licensed Large Family Day Care, Home Care, and Adult Day Care Facilities.


A Large Family Day Care Home is a single-family residence licensed by the State of California to provide day care for 9 to 14 children (including those children under the age of ten (10) who normally reside at the home) for periods of less than 24 hours per day. Large Family Day Care Homes are intended to provide children with the same environment that is provided in a traditional home setting. Large Family Day Care Homes are classified as Group R-3 occupancies by the State Fire Marshal.

When a license request from the Department of Social Services is sent to the Fire Prevention Bureau, a Fire Inspector will conduct an inspection prior to the license being approved by the Fire Department. The Fire Safety Inspection Request form (std. 850) must be submitted to the Fire Department before an inspection is conducted. You can find all the required forms and information on the California State website at

INSPECTION FEE: See Fee Structure for Associated fees.


  1. Address numerals shall be provided in such a position as to be plainly visible and legible from the street or road fronting the property.
  2. In multi-story commercial buildings of non-fire-rated construction, the day care use shall be restricted to the first story only.
  3. Fire resistive requirements for exterior walls shall be the same as for R-3 occupancies. Exterior walls of a home will meet this requirement unless they have been modified without a building permit.
  4. The separation between the garage and the house must be of materials approved for one-hour fire-resistive construction on the garage side and not be perforated or breached. A self-closing, tight fitting, solid wood door, 1-3/8 inches thick, must be provided between the garage and the house.
  5. Large Family Day Care Homes shall be provided with two exit doorways. Every required exit door shall be capable of opening so that the clear width is not less than 32 inches and the clear height is not less than six feet, eight inches. A manually operated, horizontal sliding door may be used as one of the two required exits. Exits may pass through kitchens.
  6. Every required exit door shall be operable from the inside without the use of a key or any special knowledge or effort. A single turn of the knob shall release the latch and lock bolts.
  7. Yard gates blocking egress to the public way shall be operable from the inside without the use of a key or any special knowledge or effort.
  8. Large Family Day Care Homes shall be equipped with single station, residential-type smoke detectors that are approved by the California State Fire Marshal. Smoke detectors shall be installed in sleeping areas and the hallway outside the sleeping rooms and be placed according to manufacturer’s instructions provided with the detector. The detectors shall be tested monthly.
  9. Large Family Day Care Homes shall provide and maintain a device or devices suitable for manually sounding a fire alarm. Such devices shall be attached to the structure, be distinctive in tone and be audible throughout the structure. A standard wall-mounted, manually activated, electric fire alarm bell is recommended.
  10. A portable fire extinguisher with a minimum rating of 2-A:10-B:C shall be provided. Extinguishers shall be conspicuously located where they are readily visible, preferably located along the normal path of travel. Extinguishers shall be mounted so that the top of the extinguisher is not higher than five feet or lower than three feet from the floor. Fire extinguishers shall be inspected and tagged annually and serviced every six years or immediately after use, whichever occurs first. Companies performing this service shall be licensed by the State of California.
  11. Fire drills shall be conducted once per year.
  12. An evacuation plan shall be posted.
  13. Gas fired water heaters and furnaces, which are not enclosed and are within the area used for childcare, shall be protected to keep children from coming in contact with the appliances. This does not apply to kitchen stoves and ovens.
  14. Storage and handling of gasoline, fuel oil and other flammable liquids shall be in accordance with Chapter 34 of the 2007 California Fire Code.

Example of an approved fire alarm for State Licensing inspections (Home Care, Large Family Day Care)


Placer County Fire Department conducts periodic Fire & Life Safety Inspections on Businesses throughout the county. 

There are no fees for this inspection. If you would like an inspection, please contact your local fire station to schedule.

The following is a list of common violations found during routine fire inspections. The list is an excellent tool for business owners to conduct their own "Fire and Life Safety Self Inspection".


10. _____ Remove Obstruction from exit way, aisle or exit doors

11. _____ Exit Door to open without a key or any special know/effort (H11)

12. _____ Remove storage from under unprotected stairway

13. _____ Repair non-operable exit door hardware

14. _____ Remove obstructions from door required to be closed

15. _____ Remove locks or latches from doors with panic hardware

*16. _____ Place an exit sign above exit door (H-16 & 17)

17. _____ Provide sign over main exit door stating, “This Door to Remain Unlocked During Business Hours” (H-16 & 17)

18. _____ Repair non-working exit signs and exit illumination

19. _____ Post an occupant load sign in designated room


*30. _____ Discontinue use of extension cords (H-30)

31. _____ Install permanent wiring for fixed and stationary appliances

*32. _____ Provide cover plates for all junction boxes

33. _____ Mount Remove exposed wiring or protection in approved conduit

*34. _____ Provide a 30” clear space to and in front of electrical panel


Fire Extinguishers

*40. _____ Have a fire extinguisher serviced and tagged

*41. _____Provide and mount a fire extinguisher as indicated (H-41)

*42. _____ Mount Fire extinguisher in an approved location

*43. _____ Post a sign indicating the location of the fire extinguisher

*44. _____ Provide a clear access to fire extinguisher

Fire Protection Equipment

50. _____ Remove obstruction (3 ft. minimum clearance) for access and use of fire appliances and equipment

51. _____ Secure all system control valves in the open position

52. _____ Provide 5 year certification test for sprinkler/ standpipe(H-52)

53. _____ Replace missing caps on fire department connection

54. _____ Provide sprinkler coverage in unprotected areas

55. _____ Provide spare sprinkler heads and/or wrench at riser

56. _____ Replace damaged, corroded or painted sprinkler heads

57. _____ Hood and duct extinguishing system to be services and tagged

58. _____Remove grease from hood, duct and filters (And keep clean)

Flammable and Combustible Liquids

60. _____ Provide flammable liquid storage cabinet or reduce storage (H-60)

61. _____ Provide inside storage room or reduce storage

62. _____ Discontinue dispensing of flammables by gravity

63. _____ Replace lids on all storage not in immediate use

Storage and Housekeeping

70. _____ Reduce storage to at least 24” below ceiling (No sprinklers)

71. _____Reduce storage to al least 18” below sprinkler heads

*72. _____Arrange storage in orderly manner to provide access/egress

*73. _____ Remove comb. storage from boiler, mechanical, elect. room

*74. _____ provide 30” clearance of combustibles from heating equipment

*75. _____ Remove waste and rubbish materials from the premises

*76. _____ Relocate dumpster to an approved location

77. _____ Repair holes in required fire resistive construction

78. _____ Provide 30” clearance between building and comb. growth

*79. _____ Provide approved metal container for oily rag storage


90. _____ Provide address numbering which is visible from street (H-90)

91. _____ Provide Knox box and /or keys required for Fire Department access

92. _____ Identify fire lanes at indicated locations

93. _____ Secure compressed gas cylinders (H-93)

94. _____ Other violations and comments