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Story Ideas

Placer County’s Health and Human Services department is the largest in the county, employing more than 700 staff members in several locations.

We want our employees to stay connected, both to the activities happening in their own division and to the broader work of our department to keep our community healthy, safe and self-sufficient.

To that end, we are asking you to share important news with us using this online form so that we can, in turn, spread the word among the rest of HHS staff. Your stories will be included in the HHS newsletter, and potentially the countywide employee or public newsletters as well.

Here are some tips to help you share engaging stories with colleagues in your department and beyond. Try to submit news or information that is:

  • Unique: Look for a “news hook” — something out-of-the-ordinary that will grab a reader’s attention. What’s happening that’s new or different? Why does this matter to your audience?
  • Personal: Try to find a human face whose personal experience helps illustrate the program or topic you are sharing. Be conversational; assume that your audience does not have any prior knowledge of your work.
  • Current: Be sure to be timely, as that will help make your story more relevant to your audience. Let us know about interesting events in advance, when possible, in case we are available to cover it.
  • Visual: Photos and videos help stories come alive. Look for opportunities to visually showcase your work. 

Here are some types of items we would love to feature in the HHS newsletter:

  • Introduction to new programs
  • Spotlight on upcoming events
  • Recaps of recent events or other successes
  • “Day in the life” stories showcasing exemplary work in your division
  • Q&As with employees who have won awards; reached career or personal milestones or even have interesting hobbies
  • Highlights of employee engagement events
  • Volunteer opportunities connected to your division. 

Please fill out the following information and we will contact you if we have further questions.