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CalPERS Retirement Resources

Retirement can be one of the best stages of your life. It can also be complicated, if you are not educated about your benefits and have not done the proper planning.

Understand the fundamentals of your CalPERS retirement benefits and enhance your financial security by viewing our short video series and then using our  by visiting the CalPERS Education Center, creating an account on my|CalPERS and reviewing the available materials and videos.

CalPERS Retirement Information

CalPERS Service Credit 

The CalPERS Service Credit booklet describes various types of CalPERS service credit you may be eligible to purchase, and helps you determine Whether the increase in your future retirement benefits is worth the cost. After reading this publication, you will know whether you may be eligible for a particular service credit type and what process you need to follow to request cost information and elect the purchase.

CalPERS Service Credit Cost Calculator

CalPERS Special Power of Attorney 

CalPERS special power of attorney allows you to designate a representative or agent, known as your attorney-in-fact, to conduct your retirement affairs. Should you become unable to act on your own behalf, your designated attorney-in-fact will be able to perform important duties concerning your CalPERS business, such as:

  • Address changes
  • Federal or state tax withholding elections
  • Retirement benefit elections

The CalPERS special power of attorney is specifically designed for use by active and retired CalPERS members and beneficiaries. You may already have a power of attorney set up through another resource; however, it may not address your CalPERS retirement benefits.

For more information, you can review the CalPERS Special Power of Attorney video and the publication.

CalPERS Special Power of Attorney - Form