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Adult-Supervision FAQ

What is my balance?

  Login to view your account information.

How do I make a payment?

 Payments can be made by;

  • Mail
  • On Line
  • Phone 866-863-1006
  • Or in person

How and when do I Contact Placer County Revenue Services?

 Contact Revenue Services

 I thought the Public Defender was free. Why are you billing me?

Court appointed counsel services are not free in the County of Placer. You must provide one month of current pay stubs or supplemental form in order to be evaluated for a possible reduction. (Please fill out this Financial Evaluation Form.)

Why is my tax refund being taken?

We notify the State of California Franchise Tax Board of delinquent debts that are owed to Placer County. To protect against having your State tax refund intercepted, you must pay your account in full in order to have the account deleted from the intercept list.

What happens if I miss a payment?

 When you miss a payment you have defaulted on your agreement to pay. This may cause a failure to pay civil assessment fee to be added and the total balance to be payable in full. If you do not pay in full, we may take further collection enforcement action.

How do I clear a hold on my driver’s license?

Contact DMV  to verify the case number(s) affecting your license. Then contact Revenue Services for further instructions

How do I get information about Traffic School?

All questions related to Traffic School should be directed to the Placer County Superior Courts .

What is the Placer County Superior Courts phone number?

Contact Number (916) 408-6000