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Alternative Sentencing Programs

Placer County Probation Department
Bill Santucci Justice Center
10810 Justice Center Drive, Suite 170
Roseville CA 95678
Phone: (916) 543-7400

Placer County offers a variety of Alternative Sentencing Programs designed to provide offenders the opportunity to complete a portion of their sentence on an appropriate program.  Participants on Alternative Sentencing are able to retain their employment and attend evidence-based treatment services under the supervision of the Probation Officer.   Offenders must report directly to the Probation Department located at the Santucci Justice Center immediately after sentencing in order to be considered for participation. 

Adult Work Release

Funding Source: Offender-paid ($20 per day; sliding scale determined by revenue services)

Pursuant to Penal Section(s) 4024.2 and 4024.3, participants are required to report to an approved worksite two days per week.  Participants may be assigned a Work Release sentence of 45 days or less, must work at least 8 hours in order to receive one day of credit toward their court ordered sentence, and must complete their Work Release in Placer County.

Electronic Monitoring

Funding Source: Probation-funded; offender-paid ($20 per day; sliding scale determined by revenue services)

Pursuant to Penal Code Section(s) 1203.016 and 1203.017, participants are confined to their residence under G.P.S. tracking and may only leave their residence if approved by the Probation Officer.  Participants receive credit toward their court ordered sentence while participating in the program, and must be enrolled for a minimum of 10 days; there is no maximum sentence for EMP. There are many EMP reciprocating counties, enabling Probation to monitor offenders who live out of county. Participants may retain their employment and participate in educational programs or evidenced-based treatment during the term of the program.

Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM)

Funding Source: Probation-funded

Pursuant to Penal Code Section(s) 1229 (2) and 1210.12, provides continuous alcohol monitoring services to be utilized in conjunction with alcohol treatment.  The SCRAM monitoring device is attached to the participant’s ankle and detects alcohol consumption through the skin. The combination of SCRAM and treatment provides a critical tool to promote a successful transition into the community.

Adult Drug Court

Funding Source: offender-paid (sliding scale determined by revenue services)

The Adult Drug Court Program provides participants the ability to complete their court ordered sentence while receiving evidence based substance abuse treatment.  Through the assessment process, participants will complete residential programming, transitional services, and regular court hearings. Research suggests the program aims to keep low-level offenders who have drug problems from crowding the courts and the jails, but has also made an impact on the rehabilitation of higher risk offenders. The program is a joint effort among the Placer County Courts, the Placer County District Attorney, the Placer County Adult System of Care, the Public Defender's Office, the Placer County Sheriff's Department, and the Placer County Probation Department. Each of the tracks is designed for drug-addicted defendants who are facing charges related to drug use. Tracks I and II are deferred entry-of-judgment programs; charges are dismissed following the individual's successful completion of the contract.