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Childrens Vaccines


Making sure that children of all ages receive all their vaccinations on time is one of the most important things you can do as a parent to ensure your children's long-term health—as well as the health of friends, classmates, and others in your community.

Newborn to 6 Years

During the early years of life, your children need vaccines to protect them from 14 serious, possibly life-threatening diseases: 

  1. Chickenpox
  2. Diphtheria
  3. Hib
  4. Hepatitis A
  5. Hepatitis B
  6. Flu
  7. Measles
  8. Mumps
  9. Rubella
  10. Pertussis (whooping cough)
  11. Polio
  12. Pneumococcal
  13. Rotavirus
  14. Tetanus

Parents who choose not to vaccinate their own children increase the risk of disease not only for their children, but also for other children and adults throughout the entire community.


School Age Children

California Law requires children be given certain vaccines before starting kindergarten and 7th grade.  Your child will need to receive these immunizations in order to attend:

  • Public and private elementary and secondary schools
  • Child care centers
  • Family day care homes
  • Nursery schools
  • Day nurseries
  • Developmental centers

7 through 18 years old 

As kids get older, the protection from childhood vaccination wears off and they are more at risk for catching certain diseases like meningococcal meningitis.  Recommended boosters and vaccines for pre-teens and teens are:

  • Tdap
  • MCV4
  • HPV
  • Flu

Talk to your child's doctor about getting the proper vaccinations.  A good time to catch up on missed vaccinations is during physicals for participation in sports, camping events, travel, and applying to college.


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