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Inmate Rules and Information

If there is a topic or question you have that is not answered below, please refer to the complete

Inmate Rule Book for Auburn Jail & South Placer Jail 

Phone Calls


  • Inmates are not allowed incoming calls
  • No messages are taken for inmates unless it is of an emergent nature, which is at the Sergeant's discretion.)
    • Phones are available for inmates to make outgoing collect calls only and receive voice mail messages from friends and family for an additional fee. To set up an a prepaid or inmate debit account, or leave voicemails: 
    • Contact ICSolutions, available 24 hours a day, every day, at 1-888-506-8407
    • Online @
    • By mail, sending a cashier’s check or money order to :
      • ICSolutions
        ATTN: Customer Service
        2200 Danbury Street
        San Antonio, TX 78217

For Prepaid Accounts, include with your payment, your name, your address, the designated telephone number at which you wish to receive call and the name of the facility where the inmate is located.

Property Releases

PROPERTY RELEASE - Within the first 72 hours of being booked (except during lockdown times), an inmate can do one of three types of property releases:
A. Release of motor vehicle keys only

B. Release of all property with the exception of clothing

C. Release of money
After the initial 72 hours, the only type of property release that will be done is a complete property release, with the exception of clothing and money. This may only be done one time. After the initial 72 hours, property releases will be done only on:

Auburn Jail: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays between 7:30 AM and 10:30 AM.

South Placer Jail: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays between 7:30 AM and 10:30 AM.

The only time clothing will be released is when the inmate has been sentenced to state prison. Clothing will not be released until proof of sentencing is confirmed.

Telmate Tablets

Tablets are only available for inmates housed at the South Placer Jail.

With Telmate’s inmate tablets, friends and family can connect with inmates by sending messages and sharing photos. To get started, go to or contact Telmate's Customer Service at (866) 516-0115 to set up an account. Once an account is set up you can begin exchanging messages and sharing photos. Inmates are allowed to send messages but cannot send photos.

Inmate Email

Electronic mail (e-mail). Friends and family can send emails to inmates at the  Auburn Jail in Auburn, Ca. and the South Placer Jail in Roseville, Ca. Go to for details.


  • Money orders or cashiers checks only (up to $100 each) made payable to the inmate (including jail ID number) may be mailed or deposited in jail lobby drop-boxes for commissary use only. The purchaser’s name and mailing address must be filled in. Deposits must be made by midnight on Mondays for that week’s delivery.
  • Personal checks are not accepted.
  • Online deposits and/or commissary orders may be placed at
  • Deposits may be made by phone by contacting Smart Deposit/Access Corrections at 1-866-394-0490.
  • Smart Deposit kiosks in the jail lobbies accept cash, credit cards and permanent bank ATM/debit cards.

    The following rates apply to Smart Deposit transactions:

New Standard Fee Structure Commissary

Smart Deposit Lobby Kiosks


Auburn Main Jail and South Placer Jail

  • Inmates are not allowed to correspond with inmates from either Placer County Jail Facility or any other correctional facility in any manner. This includes mailing letters to outside individuals to have them re-sent to another inmate. 
  •  Authorized Books, Newspapers or Periodicals must come directly from the publisher. No hard back or leather bound books will be accepted. Authorized Book distributors:, or These approved distributors may change without advance notice at the discretion of the Jail Commander. Packages from independent sellers will not be accepted. All requests for religious material will be directed to the Jail Chaplaincy for review. No obscene, nude or sexually explicit material, any matter concerning unlawful gambling or an unlawful lottery; or, material intended to incite violence. 
  •  Letters must be delivered through the U.S. Postal Service. No hand carried mail will be accepted from the public. Letters received with address labels or stickers will not be accepted. Obscene, gang related content, drug or drug paraphernalia or sexually explicit pictures, drawings or writing will not be accepted. 
  •  All mail will be scanned for contraband items, which includes words or phrases that may threaten the safety and security of the facility. 
  •  The following items are not permitted: Pens, pencils, crayons, markers, writing paper, postage stamps, staples, paperclips, greeting cards, envelopes, foreign substances on the envelope or within the letter, such as glitter, tape, lipstick prints, perfume, cologne, etc., cash, personal checks, identification cards, bank cards, credit cards or phone cards. No packages exceeding 3 lbs. of combustible material. Mail cannot be sent in an envelope larger than 10x13 inches. No Polaroid photographs. No articles cut out of a magazine or newspaper.
  • Coded messages or suspected coded messages; and puzzles or games printed from a computer will not be accepted. All incoming mail must include legible first and last name and return address.