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The Placer County Dispatch Center is located in Auburn, CA. They provide both emergency and non-emergency dispatching services for Sheriff, Fire, Paramedics, Animal Control, and County Roads. Yearly, the Communication Center processes approximately 40,000 incoming 911 calls and 130,000 non-emergency calls. The center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All Communications personnel are trained in Emergency Medical Dispatch protocols wherein the dispatcher can give life-saving emergency medical instructions over the telephone prior to the arrival of the first responders.


If you do call 911, even by mistake, please do not hang up the phone

When should I use 911?

The most important thing to remember about 911 is when to use it. It is not meant to be used to contact the Sheriff's Department about routine matters. 911 is solely used to report emergencies. For Example:

    To report a crime in progress or a crime that just occurred.

    To report a fire.

    A medical emergency that requires Fire/Paramedic response.

What is an Emergency?

An emergency is when IMMEDIATE Police, Fire Department or Paramedic assistance is necessary to protect life or property.

When to call the non-emergency phone line: 530-889-5375

    When a crime has already occurred and the offenders are no longer on scene.

    For nuisance calls (e.g., landscape and construction noise).

    All other non-emergency situations.

What Happens When you Call 911

The Dispatcher will ask you questions to determine the type of emergency you have (Police, Fire, Medical). Remember to:

    Remain on the line.

    Stay calm.

    Answer all the dispatchers questions.


What is the application process for Public Safety Dispatcher?

To begin your career as a public safety dispatcher, please visit  for a list of current recruitments. The entry level public safety dispatcher I must be an open recruitment to submit an application. Employees of other Public Employee Agencies may apply at any time. Placer County has an automated job-application service called JOBS you will need to access to submit an application for position(s) you are interested in applying for.

I currently work as a Public Safety Dispatcher for another law enforcement agency and am interested applying to Placer County Sheriff’s Office, what is the application process?

Our Agency values the knowledge and experience each lateral applicant has earned. Applications for employment under the Public Agency Eligibility List (PAEL) are continuously accepted. For information on lateral transfers from another agency, and to download forms, please visit and look for the job title of “employees from other public agencies”. Here you will find the requirements for the lateral (PAEL – public agency eligibility list) process as well as required documents and application.

What if applications are not currently being accepted for Public Safety Dispatcher?

If our Agency is not currently accepting applications, you can submit an interest card for the position(s) you are seeking and the County’s Online job-application service (called JOBS) will electronically email a notification when the an application can be submitted. Interest cards stay on file for up to 12 months. To submit an interest card, visit, click on “Notify me of New Job Openings”. Follow the instructions on submitting your interest. You can check any Job Group you are interested in. Please note Public Safety Dispatcher Positions are listed under “Public Safety/Law Enforcement”.

Where can I get more information about job opportunities with Placer County Sheriff's Department?

Click HERE to go to the Career Opportunites page.