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Evidence/ Property

Placer County Sheriff’s Evidence Unit covers a variety of duties including CAL. I.D., Crime Scene Photography, Crime Scene Evidence Collection, Laboratory Processing, and storage of property and evidence.


Placer County Sheriff's Office utilizes the services of to auction off recovered, lawfully seized, or unclaimed property of every kind and description, remaining unclaimed for 30 days or more, except for firearms.< /p>

Property Room makes our auctions available on an ongoing basis, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Items at auction typically include bikes, cars, rugs, electronics, jewelry, clothing, tools, musical instruments, sporting equipment and more.< /p>

You can help our community by clicking on items for auction at Property

CAL I.D. Services

Involves the identification of inked and latent prints. Typically, prints are located and collected by deputies or technicians at crime scenes. These prints are sent to our CAL ID section where they are enlarged, and searched in the California Department of Justice data base system. Candidate prints are then reviewed by the examiner who determines if identification has been made.

Crime Scene Photography

Qualified technicians are on call for crime scene call out. Technicians are available to provide overview and close up photography at all major crimes. The photographs are used during the court process to provide the jury with a visual image of the scene. Numbered placards are used to keep track of evidence items.

Crime Scene Evidence Collection

Qualified technicians are on call for crime scene call out. Technicians are available to respond to the crime scene and assist in the evidence collection. In addition to photography, the collection may include sketching, logging, and packaging while maintaining chain of custody and preserving the item for future examination.

Laboratory Processing

Our laboratory is stocked with technical equipment, chemicals and powders used in the processing of evidence. The equipment includes an alternate light source, digital and 35mm cameras, electrostatic dust print lifter, superglue chamber and fume hood. The chemicals and powders are utilized to enhance latent (hidden) prints making them visible.

Property and Evidence Storage

Our property room is used to store items coming into our custody for use as court exhibits or safekeeping. These items are categorized and retained until the case is ready to go to court or concluded and released to the owner.