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Placer County Sheriff Reserve Deputy Program

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) is continuously recruiting qualified candidates for the reserve deputy program. Application is open to anyone that possesses a current California P.O.S.T. reserve level II or level I certificate, or a POST basic academy certificate. The position is unpaid. Our reserve deputies volunteer to serve the Placer County communities and find it extremely rewarding. Some reserve deputies have a goal to become a regular-full time deputy sheriff. The reserve program can help provide the experience you are looking for to accomplish that goal. Our reserves are required to purchase their own equipment and uniforms but have a small uniform allowance after one year of service.

Primary responsibilities:

Reserve deputies work various details (patrol, fairs, civic functions, concerts, public safety needs, etc.). A minimum of 20 hours per month is required. Reserve deputies are encouraged to attend all departmental training. Training can include but is not limited to: EVOC, patrol, firearms and range, evidence collection, weaponless defense, impact weapons, arrest and control, legal updates, child abuse, elder abuse, etc.
Level I reserves and those with POST basic academy certificates are eligible to apply to the Field Training Program (FTO). FTO is approximately 640 hours. When successfully completed the training qualifies the reserve to work patrol either alone or with another reserve.
Reserves are eligible to apply for the Equestrian Mounted Patrol (law enforcement capacity) and Bike Patrol (once the required training is completed).

Why become a PCSO reserve?

Our department values integrity, commitment and training and we place a great deal of trust in our reserves. The result is that we are allowed to work a variety of reserve details as well as general patrol.

What if my goal is to go fulltime?

Excellent! We have had many reserves proceed to full-time status with both the PCSO and other agencies. Naturally, an excellent reserve deputy sheriff would be encouraged to apply with the PCSO. However, if your goal is to remain a reserve then you will find your time both rewarding and challenging.

If I want to work general patrol do I need to schedule it in advance?

As a level II you may work anytime as long as you team up with a regular full time deputy or a level I FTO’d reserve deputy. As a level I, if you complete the FTO program, you may work in the county wherever and as often as you wish.

Am I assigned a specific area to work?

No. You can choose to work out of the Loomis sub-station, Auburn main office, Colfax, or North Lake Tahoe.

I want to work general patrol. Are there limits?

Yes and no. As a level II reserve you can work general patrol under the supervision of a regular full time deputy or a level I FTO’d reserve deputy. As a level I FTO’d reserve deputy you can work general patrol without the direct supervision of a regular deputy.

What is a typical workload that a reserve can perform?

All general and limited law enforcement duties depending on the level of qualification, i.e. seasonal details, high school graduation and dances, football games, foot patrol at county fairs, general patrol etc.

Every 3rd Thursday of the month we have a mandatory reserve meeting that may last up to 4 hours, but are generally from 1900-2100 hours. Reserve business and training is conducted during this time. The meetings are generally held at the Auburn Justice Center.
There are 4 – 5 range days a month, any of which you may attend. At least one of them is a night shoot. The department provides all ammunition.
You may work general patrol anytime. The only exception to this is if a detail requires staffing. You may attend all Advanced Officer Training (EVOC, tactics, etc.) during the regular deputies training cycle. If you write a ticket or submit a report for a crime (or are listed in one) then you should expect to occasionally get a subpoena to court.


Job requirements:

  • Possess a current level II or level I reserve certificate, or a POST basic academy certificate.
  • Pass an Oral interview.
  • Be able to pass an extensive background check.
  • Pass physical, medical, and psychological testing.
  • Agree to work a minimum of 20 hours per month and attend all required meetings and training. Details, meetings and patrol count toward the 20 hour minimum.
  • Work details as required (general patrol duty is not required).

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Contact information
For further information, send an email . Include your name and phone number in the email.

For further information, send an email . Include your and in the email.

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