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Treasurer Division

The Treasury currently has $898 million on deposit at a low point and over $1.2 billion as a high point. These monies are held in various investments consisting of treasury notes and bills, other government bonds and money market instruments.

Investment Policy

Treasurer's Review Panel

Background (California Government Code Section 27130)

The Placer County Treasurer's Review Panel was created in 1995 to provide oversight in the investment of public funds. The Treasurer's Review Panel reviews and monitors the Treasurer’s Investment Policy. The Panel is also responsible for causing an annual compliance audit of the Treasurer’s investment operations, and for reviewing the findings of the audit.

At semiannual meetings of the Panel, the Treasurer’s monthly investment reports are reviewed, as well as, earnings rates and investment costs.

The Panel members represent the depositors in the Treasury. Depositors include the county’s school districts, the County and certain special districts.

Panel Members

Jerry Johnson
Placer County Schools Representative

Nancy Palmer
County School Boards Representative

Robert Weygant
Placer County Supervisor

Ed Horton
Special Districts Representative

Advisory Members

Jenine Windeshausen
Placer County Treasurer-Tax Collector
Secretary to the Committee

Andrew Sisk
Placer County Auditor-Controller

Gerald Carden
Placer County, County Counsel


The Treasurer's Review Panel has established regular meetings (unless otherwise posted) at 9:00 a.m. on the third Thursday of February and August at the Finance and Administration Building, 2976 Richardson Drive, Auburn, CA 95603.

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