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Snow Removal

Snow Blower

Placer County provides snow removal on county roadways
outside of incorporated cities and not on state highways.

Road/Weather Conditions

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  • Tahoe area was designated by the Placer County Board of Supervisors to receive snow removal services.

Snow Berms

  • Don’t shovel or blow snow back into the roadway
  • Shovel berm next to the bank on the side of the road beyond your driveway before it freezes or is packed down.
  • Do not remove snow stakes - they are guides for snow plows
  • Place your trash cans in your driveway, behind the snow stakes
  • Mark circular or angled driveways to help snow plow operators avoid blocking them
  • Placer County utilizes “snow gates” on eight of its ten motor-graders to reduce (not eliminate) the size of driveway berms.
    • Trucks mounted with plows do not have snow gates.
    • Snow gates work best when there is less than 6” of snow on the road. 
    • Effectiveness decreases as snow depth increases. 
    • As a rule of thumb, snow gates will reduce the size of a driveway berm by one-half.
    • Snow gates are easily damaged by heavy Sierra snow. 
    • If damaged, you may see the grader continue to operate with the plow stuck in the up position. We do this to:
      • prevent further damage to the snow gate,
      • prevent the possibility of hydraulic oil leaks,
      • prevent damage to the grader that would not allow it to continue plowing. 
    • Snow gate demonstration video

Winter Parking

More Information on county snow removal

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