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Eligibility Criteria

1. Must be a restaurant or bar located in Placer County, defined as a facility where the primary food and/or beverage service function is to prepare food and/or beverage on site at a brick and mortar location for consumption by a customer either at the facility or to-go. Applicants must be permitted by Placer County Environmental Health under any of the following permit categories as listed on the official permit to operate:

  • Restaurant: 0-49 seats
  • Restaurant: 50-99 seats
  • Restaurant: 100 or more seats
  • Restaurant: 0-49 seats - Seasonal
  • Restaurant: 50-99 seats - Seasonal
  • Restaurant: 100 or more seats - Seasonal
  • Bar or Lounge: No Food Prep
  • Bar or Lounge: No Food Prep - Seasonal

2. To the extent permitted by State and County authorities regarding COVID-19, the business has been in operation since March 1, 2020, and is (1) currently operating outdoors, or (2) intends to continue operation whenever State COVID-19 industry guidance allows.

3. Must demonstrate hardship as a result of COVID-19 by answering yes to at least one of the options listed for application question #14.  The options to demonstrate hardship include answering yes to any of the following: temporary closure, reduction in capacity, increased costs related to safety supplies, increased costs to comply with state guidelines.

4. Must be following the Governor’s Stay at Home order and related state and county guidance.