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Public Authority

Placer County In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority provides information and assistance to IHSS Consumers who need help selecting a home care provider. The Public Authority also serves as the employer of record for over 3,000 Providers in Placer County.

The Placer County IHSS Public Authority works with the IHSS program to assist the elderly and people with disabilities to remain safely in their homes. The IHSS Public Authority provides IHSS Consumers access to IHSS Providers who meet consumers' service needs and supports a positive, productive relationship between them.

Placer County IHSS Public Authority services include:

  1. Serve as Employer of Record for IHSS Providers
  2. Recruitment and screening of IHSS Providers 
  3. Maintain a registry of screened and trained IHSS Providers 
  4. Match IHSS Consumers with qualified IHSS Providers 
  5. Provide education for IHSS Providers


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Public Authority Contact Phone List 

IHSS/PA Call Center 530-889-7115
Public Authority 530-886-3680
IHSS Payroll Unit 530-889-7135
Provider Enrollment A-G* 916-787-8998
Provider Enrollment H-N* 916-787-8812
Provider Enrollment O-Z* 530-886-3671
Registry Specialist A-G 530-886-3685
Registry Specialist H-N 916-787-8882
Registry Specialist O-Z 530-886-3684
IHSS Provider Help Desk 866-376-7066
Placer County Worker’s Comp Liaison 530-886-3680
United Domestic Workers Union 916-751-2450
Placer County Fraud Investigation 916-784-6180
Adult Protective Service 916-787-8860
Child Protective Service 916-872-6549
Apply for IHSS Services 916-787-8860

*Based on the first letter of the recipients last name


Mailing Address:

IHSS / Public Authority

11512 B Ave., Auburn, CA 95603


Let your voice be heard!

Do you have ideas about In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) and how to make it a better program?

Are you a recipient of IHSS or a care provider? If so, get involved--join the IHSS Advisory Committee!

The purpose of the committee is to review upcoming program changes, issues, and concerns and provide advice and recommendations affecting recipients and care providers in the IHSS program to the Placer County Board of Supervisors and IHSS Public Authority.

Meetings are typically held the 3rd Thursday of odd months in the afternoon in Auburn.

Persons interested in IHSS issues should call (530) 886-3680 for an application to serve on this committee.

IHSS Advisory Committee page