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Fruitvale Schoolhouse Museum

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HALL Questionnaire

Insurance Requirements


  1. Exhibit of education in early Placer County
  2. Fruitvale School Living History Program
  3. Recreated one-room schoolhouse

Photo of the Fruitvale School house with link to online presentationClick on the above photo to open our historical presentation of the Fruitvale School. 

Built in 1888, Fruitvale served local students for 57 years before converting to a community hall. Here, artifacts and images recreate the one-room schoolhouse experience. The Fruitvale School also hosts third-grade Living History students and community groups.

This historic building captures the essence of the county’s early one-room schoolhouses. It features a recreated classroom with period desks and other artifacts.

Living History Program: Starting in Spring 2022, third-grade students can experience life in a rural one-room schoolhouse. Call 530-889-6506, or email [email protected], for more information.

Building Rentals: Call 530-886-4900 for more information or email the "Hall Questionnaire" to [email protected]

Fees & Use

No hourly rates available

  • Full Access: $350 per day
  • Two Rooms with Kitchen Access: $200
  • One Room with Kitchen Access: $100
  • Meeting (Two Hours or Less): $40
  • Educational Use* $50 (upon Approval by County)
  • Service Group (Upon Approval by County): 50% fee reduction
  • Security Deposit: Double the Rental Fee

*Service Group reduction already applied



  • 205 - Maximum
  • 68 – Banquet

 Tables & Chairs Available

  • 11 Tables
  • 70 Chairs
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