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The Golden Drift Museum

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  1. Exhibits on Chinese Culture
  2. Exhibits on Lumber, Railroad and Mining
  3. Gift Shop
  4. Hundreds of Historic Photographs
  5. Interactive Hydraulic Mining Exhibit
About the Museum

The museum takes its name from the Golden Drift Historical Society, which in turn was named for a gold mining company that existed in Dutch Flat in the early 1900’s. The principal shareholders were residents of the community.

The Museum and the Historical Society are dedicated to the preservation of the history of the area, including the towns of Gold Run, Dutch Flat, Alta, Towle and Baxter. The Museum displays a rich photographic history of the area’s:

  • Churches
  • Indian and Chinese heritage
  • Lumbering
  • Mining
  • Schools
  • Social
  • Towns

Artifact Exhibits

Artifact exhibits include:
  • Chinese Joss House artifacts
  • Fraternal order memorabilia
  • Indian projectile points
  • Mining and railroad relics

Golden Drift Museum