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County Government

County government is local government. It works best when local residents are involved and active.
  • For county residents who live outside the cities, Placer County is their local government and provides local government services.
  • For county residents who live in incorporated cities or towns - Auburn, Colfax, Lincoln, Loomis, Rocklin, and Roseville - the county provides many services, including public safety and public health services, in addition to the services provided by the cities.

About County Government

Placer County citizens elect the Board of Supervisors by district to four-year terms, to govern the county. Supervisors' terms are staggered — two Supervisors are elected in one general election, and three Supervisors in the next.

The Board usually meets every other Tuesday at the County Administrative Center in Auburn, at 175 Fulweiler Avenue in Auburn. The Board also meets in North Lake Tahoe three or four times per year. The Board will occasionally schedule meetings at night or in another location, depending on County business and public needs.

All decisions must be made in sessions open to the public except for decisions regarding confidential personnel, labor and legal issues. On closed session matters, official actions must be reported. For specifics about Board meetings, call the Clerk of the Board at 530-889-4020.

The Board hires the County Executive Officer to carry out the policy decisions they make and to be responsible for day to day operations of the county. They also hire County Counsel, Gerald O. Carden, the county's legal advisor.

Voters elect other officials, including:

While they're also county elected officials, the Superintendent of Schools and Superior Court judges work for other agencies, and are not part of Placer County government.