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  • Human ResourcesAs guided by the merit principles of the Civil Service System, Placer County attracts, recruits, retains, and supports a valued quality workforce in order to provide exceptional services to the public and our employees. The Human Resources Department administers the County's civil service system, manages the employee benefits program, ensures equal employment opportunities for employees and applicants
  • Position DescriptionsA listing of all Placer County job classifications with salary information. Each title is hyperlinked to the class specification, which will provide detailed information regarding duties performed; knowledge, skills, and abilities required; distinguishing characteristics and minimum qualifications for each classification
  • Employee BenefitsInformation on employee benefits, including deferred compensation plans; a variety of health insurance options, including HMO and PPO plans, as well as a 401k contribution in lieu of health for those with outside coverage; dental and vision insurance; additional offerings include flexible spending accounts (FSA’s) and cafeteria plans
  • JobsApplicants can view job descriptions, create, update and submit an online application and apply for open recruitments as well as submit electronic “interest cards” to be notified of future job openings and recruitments, view the status of current application materials and recruitments, check examination results, view notices, and update contact information. Filing dates, salaries, work locations, and required forms are also included on this site