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Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Background Information

Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Background Information

Take steps to prepare for emergencies, to help meet your and your family's needs. Become better informed on possible emergency situations, to determine the potential risk to you and your loved ones. Preparing ahead for possible emergencies may help you reduce or eliminate some harmful situations, and may also reduce inconvenience in the event of an emergency

Homeland Security and Information on Terrorism

  • Be Ready Web site - U.S. Department of Homeland Security - Lots of information on personal emergency preparation, like how to make a family emergency plan, and steps to take to prepare for a possible emergency of any type.
  • Bioterrorism
    • Smallpox information - California Governor's Office of Emergency Services' (OES) Safety Information and Referral Line - toll-free number 1-800-550-5234 | TDD number 1-800-550-5281
    • National Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Smallpox Hotline: English (888) 246-2675 | Español (888) 246-2857 | TTY (866) 874-2646
    • What Should I Know About Smallpox?- Plain-language answers to common questions about smallpox (CDC)
    • Smallpox Information - A page of links to a broad range of information on smallpox (California Governor's Office of Emergency Services)
    • Smallpox Basics - Resources on smallpox-related issues, like information about the disease itself, the vaccine, who shouldn't get the vaccine, and vaccine side effects. (CDC)( en Español )
    • 1-hour radio program answering many common questions about the smallpox vaccine with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, on Talk of the Nation from National Public Radio on December 17, 2002. You will need a media player on your computer to be able to listen to this program.
    • Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response - Online resources about commonly-mentioned bioterrorism topics like smallpox, anthrax, radiological (nuclear) threats, and chemical threats. (National Centers for Disease Control)
    • Public Health Assessment of Potential Biological Terrorism Agents - Summary of a formal report describing the relative risks of various possible biological terrorism events, like an anthrax or smallpox incident, to help the CDC plan how to respond to such incidents. (National Centers for Disease Control)
  • Radiological (Nuclear) Terrorism
    • Responding to a Terrorist Attack Involving Radiation: Click Information to Help Protect Your Family - Suggestions on how to protect yourself and your family during a possible radiological (nuclear) terrorist event.
    • Radiological Emergency Response - Online resources about radiological emergency topics like radiation facts, nuclear terrorism and health effects, and "dirty bombs." (National Centers for Disease Control)
    • Responding to a Terrorist Attack Involving Radiation: More Detailed Information to Help Protect You - More detailed plain-language answers to questions about radiation, a possible radiological terrorist event, and suggestions on how to protect yourself and your family.
    • Potassium Iodide (KI) Fact Sheet - Brief summary of information and other online resources about potassium iodide, related to a possible radiological terrorism event. (Governor's Office of Emergency Services)
  • Chemical Weapons Terrorism Fact Sheets (From Council on Foreign Relations Terrorism Questions and Answers Web site)
  • Terrorism
    • Response to Terrorism - Official news releases and announcements about the U.S. response to terrorism world-wide. (US Department of State)
    • Terrorism Fact Sheet - Brief description of terrorism, what can be done ahead of time, during an incident, and afterward; and further online resources on terrorism. (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
    • Terrorism Backgrounder - Background information on terrorism, and further online resources describing terrorist incidents enacted against the United States world-wide and within the U.S.. (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
    • Terrorism: An Introduction - A plain-language introduction to the topic of terrorism. (Council on Foreign Relations)

Weather and Flooding Information

  • Be Winter Wise!- A useful checklist of tips regarding bad winter weather, for before, during and after a storm. (California Governor's Office of Emergency Services)
  • Winter Storm Preparedness Tips, Tahoe Region - Useful information for residents or visitors to the Tahoe area.
  • Tips on protecting homes with sandbags- Descriptions and pictures showing how to place sandbags for best home protection, and a chart showing how to calculate the materials you may need, plus other online resources. (Sacramento County Stormwater Utility)
  • Sandbag and Sand Availability in Placer County - Where to purchase sandbags and sand, and emergency resources for county residents.
  • Floods and Flash Floods Fact Sheet- Information on flooding, what you can do before, during and after a flood. - (PDF file, Federal Emergency Management Agency)
  • Flood Safety Tips - Brief plain-language list of flood safety tips.
  • Table showing Roseville area creek levels- Automatically updated table showing creek levels in the Roseville area. Scroll down to locate Dry Creek Stream Group readings. (Sacramento County Dept. of Water Resources)
  • NOAA Weather Satellite Image, Sacramento Region (Updated every 30 minutes)

National and State Fire Information

Earthquake Information

State Highways and Roads Information

Power Supply Information

General Federal and State Emergency Information

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