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Supervisors Honor Kevin Eckard for Service on Assessment Appeals Board

November 22, 2012

The Placer County Board of Supervisors honored Kevin Eckard Tuesday for extraordinary service as a mainstay of the county’s Assessment Appeals Board for almost 20 years.

Board members voted unanimously to approve a commendation honoring Eckard for his dedicated service to the county.

“Kevin has demonstrated his respect for the Assessment Appeals process by helping applicants unfamiliar with the process present their cases and by attending meetings on a moment’s notice when a fellow board member is unavailable,” Supervisor Jim Holmes explained in a memo to his Board of Supervisors colleagues, noting that Eckard always conducted meetings in a professional, courteous and orderly manner.

Board Chairwoman Jennifer Montgomery also thanked Eckard for his service, recalling that even people who do not get the outcomes they hoped for often have complimentary comments about the Appeals Board process and the respect they received during their hearings.

Supervisor Kirk Uhler noted he was on the Board of Supervisors when it established the Appeals Board almost 20 years ago. “I just couldn’t be more pleased with how it has worked over the years,” he told Eckard.

I am deeply touched by this commendation,” Eckard said after the board vote.

He, in turn, saluted board members, telling them, “I would like to commend the Board of Supervisors for making such top-rate appointments to the current Assessment Appeals Board. It’s very, very important business they do.”

He also thanked the Clerk of the Board’s Office, County Counsel’s Office and County Executive Office for their support of the Appeals Board.

The commendation approved by the Board of Supervisors noted that the Appeals Board met 214 times during Eckard’s many years as a member.

The Appeals Board’s main function is to hear appeals filed by property owners who disagree with assessed values determined by the Placer County Assessor’s Office.

The Board of Supervisors established the Assessment Appeals Board in May 1993. Two months later, supervisors appointed Eckard to be the 5th District representative on the Appeals Board.

Eckard had served as chairman of the Appeals Board since 2000. He was reappointed to the board five times, three times as the 5th District representative and two times to represent the 3rd District.

Eckard’s most recent term ended in October. He works as the Probate Referee for the Placer County Superior Court.

In other action, the board voted to renew the contract with Dr. Steven G. Sugden to serve as staff psychiatrist for inpatient services at the Placer County Psychiatric Health Facility in Roseville from Dec. 1, 2012 through Nov. 30, 2013. At the Roseville facility, the Placer County Adult System of Care provides mandated specialty mental health services to more than 700 people per year who have acute symptoms of mental illness.

Dr. Sugden’s reimbursement will be the same as this year. He will receive direct compensation of $285,372, with the federal and state governments picking up 65 percent of contract costs and the county providing matching funds to cover the remaining 35 percent.