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Kings Beach Core Project Construction Expected to Begin This Summer; Open House Scheduled Feb. 19 at North Tahoe Event Center

February 01, 2013

The Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project continues to move forward with the completion of the Project design. Construction is expected to begin this summer. As part of ongoing public outreach and involvement for the Project, there will be an open house on Tue., Feb. 19 in Kings Beach. The open house will include schedules, maps, exhibits, graphics, and an opportunity for one-on-one discussions with design and construction representatives.

A proposed rendering of the sidewalk treatment, intersection and roundabout at 8606 North Lake Blvd., in Kings Beach.
A proposed rendering of the sidewalk treatment, intersection and roundabout at
8606 North Lake Blvd., in Kings Beach.
The open house will be at the North Tahoe Event Center, 8313 North Lake Blvd., Kings Beach. Placer County Department of Public Works staff will present an update on the Project’s status. The meeting will be from 5:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. Topics expected to be covered during the meeting include:

  • Final Design Details;
  • Project Funding and Scope;
  • 2013 Schedule;
  • Right-of-way Acquisition;
  • Parking Replacement Plan; and
  • Traffic Management Plan in the Grid.

At the meeting, representatives will be present from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Placer County, Dokken Project Engineers, CH2MHill Construction Managers and the Public Outreach Team to answer questions from those in attendance.

Last week, the Placer County Board of Supervisors approved the formation of a benefit assessment district for Kings Beach. A majority of ballots from property owners favored the establishment of the District, which will levy annual assessments to fund the maintenance of streetscape improvements that will be constructed as part of the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project.

The Core Project will upgrade and improve a 1.1-mile section of State Highway 28 through the center of this North Lake Tahoe community. The Project’s goals include improving pedestrian access, improving bicycle access, water quality improvements, bus shelters and improved aesthetics. The construction of sidewalks, which are now virtually nonexistent along State Route 28 in Kings Beach, will run adjacent to the highway and make the community more pedestrian friendly. Bike lanes will also be built between the sidewalks and traffic lanes.

The majority of the assessment will be used for snow management (removal, hauling, and storage), repair and replacement of sidewalk improvements, power washing of sidewalks, emptying of trash receptacles, and landscape maintenance.

The Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project has been decades in the planning and will reconfigure the stretch of highway into a three-lane roadway with two roundabouts. Sidewalks and other streetscape features will also be constructed. Seasonal on-street parking will be built and additional parking will be provided in parking lots that have either already been constructed, or will be constructed along the highway as part of the project.

In the grid of streets above the highway, the Project will install about a mile of sidewalk to further improve safety and pedestrian access to the commercial core. Additionally, about a third of the traffic management features have been installed as part of the Project’s Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan.

The Project is expected to take about two construction seasons to complete. In the Tahoe Basin construction can take place only between May and October. For additional information on the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project, visit the Project website by clicking on this link: Kings Beach Project.