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Supervisors OK Three Kings Beach Commercial Core Project Items

January 16, 2013

The Placer County Board of Supervisors last week OKd three actions related to the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project, a $48-million project that will improve and revitalize a 1.1-mile stretch of State Route 28 through the center of this North Lake Tahoe community and adjacent county roads.

The proposed project will improve roadway, pedestrian, bicycle, and roadside drainage facilities; and will provide treatment of storm water runoff. Proposed improvements include sidewalks, curb and gutter, bicycle lanes, intersection, public parking facilities and streetscape improvements In addition, the design will include pedestrian safety improvements in the Kings Beach grid as part of the project's approved Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan.

In its first action, the Board gave the County Executive Officer authority to vote “yes” on eight County-owned parcels to be assessed in the proposed Kings Beach Benefit Assessment District No. 1, in which per-parcel assessments would pay for maintenance of the streetscape improvements to be built in the project area.

There are 294 parcels within the proposed district’s boundaries, of which the county owns eight. In November, the county mailed ballots to the owners of the 294 parcels, along with assessment ballot materials explaining the intent of the vote. On Jan. 22, 2013, the Board will hold a public hearing, and, at the conclusion of the hearing, consider the levying of assessments if there is no majority protest (more than 50 percent of weighted vote opposition), based on all ballots received.

Should formation of the District eventually be approved, levying of assessments would not begin until project improvements are functional and ready for maintenance. Assessments would not be imposed until the year that funding is needed so that property owners are not being assessed before realizing the benefits of the improvements included in the District.

In the second action taken on Tuesday, the Board approved an agreement between the North Lake Tahoe Public Utility District and the Placer County Department of Public Works to perform water and sewer line relocations within the Kings Beach Core Project. Some of these project improvements conflict with utility infrastructure, requiring their relocation. The relocations will have an estimated cost of $751,000. The county will perform the work and be reimbursed by the District through this cooperative agreement.

The third action taken by the Board involved right-of-way property acquisitions as part of the project. Rights of way are required from 12 properties to accommodate the project’s proposed roundabouts, and six properties for parking lots. All properties are either in escrow or have closed escrow, with the exception of one property for the roundabouts and one parking lot site. Although all indications are the owners will grant a right-of-entry to allow project construction prior to construction, the project schedule may require consideration of the acquisition by eminent domain. In order to exercise eminent domain on a state highway, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) requires the local agency to furnish a resolution, approved by a 4/5ths vote of the Board, agreeing to hear all Resolutions of Necessity that may be required for the project. The Board approved the requested action unanimously knowing it’s a required administrative action by Caltrans to expedite property acquisition in the unlikely event that a right-of-entry is not granted in a timely manner.