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Placer County Upgrading Sheridan Water Supply and Distribution System

July 11, 2013

Travelers along Camp Far West Road and 10th Street in Sheridan may experience traffic delays over the next several months while Placer County makes improvements to the community’s water supply and distribution system.

The construction work will require traffic to be restricted to one lane at times on Camp Far West Road between Kingdom Way and H Street and on 10th Street between the Mobile Home Park and H Street.

Placer County Environmental Engineering expects to begin construction on the project early this month. 

 The Sheridan project
The Sheridan project will include a new well, pump and storage tank that will be located at the project site noted in the illustration.
The actual water line is shown in red.
The new well, storage tank, and pump station will be installed on the 0.45-acre County-owned parcel located west of Stewart Hall and the Sheridan Community Park. The pipeline will be installed from the new well, through easements on private property to 10th Street, and south on 10th Street to H Street, where it will connect to existing infrastructure.

The project will provide additional water connections within the community to accommodate future development.  The completion of the water system upgrades, along with recent improvements made to the Sheridan sewer system, allowed the Board of Supervisors to lift the long-standing moratorium in Sheridan on new connections to both the sewer and water systems. Anyone interested in acquiring new connections should contact Bob Jones in Placer County Environmental Engineering at (530) 886-4926.

Construction activities are scheduled to occur through December 2013. Residents of the affected areas can expect the following during the course of construction:

  • Construction activities typically from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays; however crews may work at other times depending on the needs of the project.
  • Large trucks and trenching equipment in roadways (traffic control will be implemented; delays are possible).
  • Drilling equipment on the project site.
  • Possible lane closures Monday through Friday.
  • Minimal impacts to driveway access.

Prior notification will be provided regarding interruption of water service.

The project is partially funded by grants from the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service ($699,800) and Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant Program ($453,600).

Monthly project updates can be seen by clicking this link: SHERIDAN WATER.  For other questions on this project, please contact Mike Barrett, Senior Project Manager, Placer County Environmental Engineering, at (530) 886-4941.