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Page last updated: August 4, 2020 at 4:27 p.m.

We know you have questions and we do too! Below are the responses we have received from the California Department of Public Health to the most frequently asked clarification questions:

State of California Order

The July 13, 2020 State Public Health Officer order identifies additional closures for indoor operations for certain sectors applicable to counties such as Placer that are on the Monitoring List for three or more consecutive days.  Details can be accessed at:

General Workplace Questions

What should I do if an employee tests positive for COVID-19?

Read more about Responding to COVID-19 Outbreaks in the Workplace.

What should I do if I have been exposed to COVID-19?

View the flowchart from Placer County Public Health. 

Additional COVID-19 resources are available at


Graduation ceremonies

Per CDPH: "Non drive-in graduation ceremonies are not permitted."

General gatherings

Per CDPH: "Gatherings are not permitted at this time."

Drive-in activities

Per CDPH: "Drive-in activities are permissible as long as all public health precautions [are taken], social distancing is maintained and only members of the same household are in the same car."

Health & Wellness

AA meetings

Per CDPH: "AA meetings are essential under healthcare and when they cannot be done remotely should be done with proper health and safety protocols. AA meetings should follow the limited services guidance where possible"

Medical spas

Per CDPH: "Medical spas can only operate under the supervision of a licensed physician. Staff needs to wear appropriate PPE and follow appropriate disinfection practices in treatment rooms between patients and in waiting areas."

Cosmetic surgery 

Per CDPH: "Cosmetic surgery procedures are permitted."


Photography services

Per CDPH: "Outdoor photography is permitted at this time with distance.  Indoor/Studio photography is only currently permitted in counties that have received variances via the process outlined by the Governor."

Driving schools

Per CDPH: "Driving schools are essential under the State stay at home order as “vehicle and driver licensing systems” and therefore may operate."


Per CDPH: "Libraries are open for in-person services. Please follow the retail guidance, in addition, the State Librarian has also issued guidance."

Tutoring centers

Per CDPH: "Tutoring centers may open at this time. One on one tutoring should follow the limited services guidance. Classes should follow the school guidance."

Personal Services

Art and Music Lessons

Per CDPH: "Art Lessons are permitted to operate under limited services. One on one music lessons are permitted using the limited services guidance here"

Recreation & Sports

Adult sports

Per CDPH: "Adult sports are currently not permitted.  Adult recreational sports guidance will be forthcoming in the future."

Swim lessons

Per CDPH: "Swim lessons can resume in counties with a variance following the gym/fitness studio guidance" 

Golf lessons

Per CDPH: "Golf lessons are allowed in a county with a variance. Yes, please use the outdoor recreation and limited service guidance."

Bike and skate parks

Per CDPH: "Bike parks and skate parks are permissible, provided there is physical distancing and avoidance of people gathering."

Outdoor recreation and equipment rentals

Per CDPH: "Outdoor recreation is currently only permitted with members of the same household as gatherings are not permitted."

Per CDPH: "Thank you for your inquiry regarding outdoor recreational equipment rentals. Under expanded Phase 2, the equipment rentals may proceed with proper sanitation." (When asked about kayak, etc. rentals)

Per CDPH: "Singles tennis or badminton can be played with non-household members as they stay on opposite sides of the court as long as distancing is maintained off court as well."

Lifeguard training

Per CDPH: "Lifeguard training is permissible as an essential sector 8.15: Workers and instructors supporting academies and training facilities and courses for the purpose of graduating students and cadets that comprise the essential workforce for all identified critical sectors."

Sports camps

Per CDPH: "Sports-themed day camps are not permitted at this time with day camps. Sports camps will be considered in a separate guidance with youth sports. Sports camps doing drills only are permitted so long as they can so the drills within the gyms/fitness studio guidance." 

Water parks

Per CDPH: "Water parks are not permitted to open at this time as directed in the family entertainment guidance. They are not included as pools or outdoor recreation."

Harbor boat tours

Per CDPH: "Harbor boat tours are permitted as long as they can comply with the limited services guidance here"


Per CDPH: "guided rafting trips are allowed in a county with a variance.  Rafting in general is permitted within the Campgrounds, RV, and Outdoor Recreation guidance in a number of areas (p.11 onwards), but most specifically: ’Limit the capacity on small group guided fishing, hunting, or chartered boat trips or reconfigure seating on boats or other vehicles.’"


Mall stores and restaurants

Per CDPH: "Anchor stores in malls with separate outdoor entrances may remain open as regular retail.  Stores and restaurants in the malls may do curbside pickup."

Thrift stores

Per CDPH: "Thrift stores are retail and are able to open in phase 2 in your county which has a variance."

Yard sales

Per CDPH: "Yard sales are part of retail and now permitted statewide."