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Page last updated: June 15, 2021, 3:52 p.m.

In support of our business community, Placer County is providing the following information from the State of California.

Current Status

June 15, 2021

Capacity and distancing restrictions have been lifted for most businesses and activities. Large-scale indoor events have vaccination or negative test requirements for attendees through at least October 1.

Industry Guidance
Visit the State of California's COVID-19 website for the latest industry guidance. View guidance here.

Reopen your business or facility safely

Use the Employer Playbook for a Safe Reopening to help plan and prepare for reopening your business.

Review how to respond to COVID-19 cases in your workplace and prevent further spread.

To protect and support workers, employers need to:

  • Instruct workers when they should stay home
  • Notify all workers who were potentially exposed
  • Maintain confidentiality when communicating with other workers
  • Provide healthcare consultations advising workers about their exposure
  • Provide information to close contacts about home quarantine, symptom monitoring, and testing options
  • Provide information to affected workers about what to expect, including sick leave options and when they can return to work

To manage outbreaks, employers need to:

  • Identify and track suspected and confirmed cases among workers
  • Report confirmed cases to the local health department where their business is located, and where the infected workers live (if different)
  • Develop a testing strategy to identify additional worker cases and close contacts to control further spread
  • Work with their local health department to assist in contact tracing and quarantining of close contacts
  • Consider whether to temporarily suspend operations

Wearing a mask or face covering is required statewide in public or common spaces. Employers must provide face coverings to workers, or must reimburse workers for the reasonable cost of obtaining them. Find all requirements and exceptions to these rules in the guidance on this page below.

All businesses and facilities must follow the items listed here before reopening: 

  1. Scroll down this page to find the guidance for your industry, business, event, or activity. 
  2. Review it completely. 
  3. Perform a detailed risk assessment and create a worksite-specific protection plan. 
  4. Train employees on how to limit the spread of COVID-19. This includes how to screen themselves for symptoms and when to stay home. 
  5. Set up individual control measures and screenings. 
  6. Put disinfection protocols in place. 
  7. Establish physical distancing guidelines. 
  8. Establish universal face covering requirements (with allowed exceptions). See CDPH guidelines (PDF). 
  9. Post your completed checklist so everyone can know the steps you’ve taken. Feel free to add more safety measures to the ones included in your industry’s guidance. 

Employer policies and resources 

It’s important that employees with COVID-19 know they should stay home. Your sick leave policies need to support that. Workers also need safe and reliable childcare options during the COVID-19 response. See information on: 

Ventilation for indoor operations

All businesses permitted to operate indoors must follow the CDPH interim guidance for ventilation, filtration, and air quality. This guidance includes practical steps your business can take to promote better ventilation, filtration, and air quality indoors to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Temporary structures for outdoor operations

Restaurants and other businesses operating outdoors may wish to enclose outdoor temporary structures like tents and canopies to contain heat, avoid rain, or provide shade. Follow the CDPH guidance for temporary structures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.