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Frequently Asked Questions

You quickly add frequently asked questions to your web page using our new FAQ Element. The result is a clean list of questions that visitors can quickly scan to find the question they're interested in. The new FAQs are mobile-friendly and accessible.

Once a visitor finds a question of interest, clicking the plus icon or the question itself will show the answer for that question. Here's an example of the FAQ Element in action:

Why should we use this FAQ element?

There are several reasons. First, the new FAQs have been designed to be accessible and work well on mobile devices, which now represent a third of all visits to our website. The consistent appearance also makes it easy for visitors to know they're looking at FAQs.

When should I use the FAQ element?

Only use the FAQ element for frequently asked questions. It's not appropriate to use this element for other uses.

All the functionality and design is handled automatically by the FAQ Element, keeping our frequently asked questions consistent in appearance and function across the entire website.

How to Add FAQs

Although adding FAQs is an easy process, Sitecore is expecting your content to be free of formatting. Here's how you do it:

  1. Tell Sitecore where you want an FAQ Element on your page by typing the following text on its own line, without any formatting applied:
    (( faq
  2. Each question and answer must start on its own line, starting with Q: or A: and a space character. Answers may contain lists, links, images, and span multiple paragraphs, but they must start with A: and have no formatting at the beginning of the line.
  3. When all your questions and answers have been entered, tell Sitecore you're finished by typing the following text on its own line, without any formatting applied:

Here is an example of how it may look:

Sitecore is looking for specific markup text that defines the FAQ Element (the opening and closing double parentheses, with the keyword ‘faq') and the Q: and A: that defines the questions and answers. Any special markup around these sections of text will prevent the FAQ Element from working properly.

How to View Your FAQs

When you add your FAQs to Sitecore you won't be able to see how they look from within the Sitecore Editor. To see your finished FAQs and test the functionality, you must Preview or publish the page. Just to be safe, you should always preview the page before publishing to make sure everything looks and works correctly.