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Linking to Named Anchors

Linking to Named Anchors

A named anchor is a link within a page, rather than a link to a separate page. Named anchors allow users to jump to points within a page. You can also link to named anchors on other pages, which will load that page in the users browser and then jump to the point on that page that has the named anchor specified in the link.

To link to named anchors in Sitecore, you must know the exact name of the anchor on the page you're linking to. Capitalization matters, so it's good practice to use all lowercase letters, no spaces, and always begin with a letter.

There are two steps you must take to link to named anchors in Sitecore.

  1. Link to the page with the named anchor using the Insert Sitecore Link toolbar item, like you usual do.
  2. Click on the link you just created, then choose the Hyperlink Manager toolbar item, as if you are linking to a page on another website. The URL field in the form will show the link you just created in the previous step. Click on that link and move the cursor to the very end, after the "&_z=z". Add the pound sign #, followed by the exact name of the anchor on the page you're linking to. Click OK.

You now have a link to the named anchor on the other page. Save your page and test it. Note that the page you're linking to must be published with existing named anchors for everything to work properly.

Sample link to Supervisor Holmes.


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