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Services and Information

Services and information on the department web pages should contain bullets on the web pages, followed by a brief description. The bullets automatically convert to links and are formatted as above. The description should follow the links. It should be brief and no longer than three lines in the services and information. The text in the links should be camel case. The text should be short and concise, in plain talk.

You can group the items based on a larger category like “Homeowners”, “Contractors” etc., which link to specific pages for homeowners and contractors, or have direct links to a page for action like “Find your Permit”, Adopt a pet, etc.

Do not use too many links on one page in the services and information area as it will lead to what is called the “Times Square Effect” which is confusing to the citizens. The fewer the links, the easier it is to find what they are looking for. Group items by categories for easy access.